Programming LPC922/936/915 using Flash Magic

Started by dptxp, May 14, 2009, 10:49:29 AM

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Sorry if I could not make out, but I just want to program these using Flashmagic.

Other than connecting Tx/Rx/Vcc/Gnd (No feed for reset), what pin(s) should be pulled LOW for
getting into ISP mode on power-up ?



OK, I need to pulse the RESET pin to get into ISP mode on power-up.
Now, do I need to do it by adding hardware to to do so OR can use
dtr/rts pin with flashmagic ? The second option does not seem to be
possible unless flashmagic can do it.

Andy Ayre

You can get Flash Magic to generate the three pulses using DTR/RTS and TXD, however you have to build support for this into your hardware. Basically look at the schematic diagram of the Keil MCB900 board on

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