Code Read Protection LPC932A1

Started by r2d2droids, February 02, 2009, 07:20:18 AM

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hi all,

as i know that reading the contents of the device memory is not supported on the LPC9xx devices when using ISP mode and if you wanna keep the device memory in save using IAP mode, you must set the MOVCDISx bit. is it true? in other words, must i do an other thing in order to make code read protection?

please help!

Je Gold

My understanding is after programming a part via ICP or ISP or Parallel Programming or using a Universal device programmer - there is no method to read out the programmed flash code... except you can verify  checksum against what's programmed in the LPC932A1.

When executing code - you can write a program to  spit out the bytes via the serial port after configuring the the LPC932A1, to allow DPTR to access the code area.
==>  BUT  ==> The program would have to have been written and programmed in to the LPC932A1 already.