Different RTS/DTR Strobes to accomodate ISP-ICP Bridge

Started by BobSki778, January 22, 2009, 05:06:43 PM

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I've already discussed this with Andy personally, but I figured I'd post it here, too, to see if there was any interest.  With the existing ISP-ICP bridge solution you need to move jumpers on the MCB900 to switch between programming the bridge MCU and programming the target MCU.  If there were an option to strobe DTR to cycle power to the bridge MCU without strobing RTS/RXD to toggle the bridge MCU reset, you could program the target MCU without having to shunt the bridge MCU power or open it's reset line (i.e. you could leave the jumper in the same position used to program the MCU on the MCB900).  This may or may not be of much practical use on the MCB900, but we have a production test fixture with an integrated ISP-ICP bridge MCU (basically a copy of MCB900) and it would be great to be able change between updating the firmware in the bridge MCU (or even program it the first time) and programming target MCUs without having to do anything to the hardware.