OT Emulating flashmaigc with another micro

Started by Je Gold, February 23, 2009, 04:24:12 AM

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Je Gold


I have an LPC2148 connect to large controller (LC) micro... To program the LPC2148,  it is program via serial ISP similar to Flashmagic.  The LC micro has all the hardware that flashmagic uses to put the LPC2148 in to ISP mode.

We have most of the ISP serial commands down... and can inspect the flash of the LPC2148 with a debugger to see the flash is programmed but the GO 0x0000 0000, or a reset does not execute the LPC2148 flash programmed code.

What other commands are needed .... is the 2's compliment programmed in to 0x0000 0014  calculted by flash magic?

The USER manual Says

"Criterion for valid user code: The reserved ARM interrupt vector location (0x0000 0014)
should contain the 2's complement of the check-sum of the remaining interrupt vectors."

Thanks in advance

Andy Ayre

Yes, Flash Magic automatically calculates the checksum and programs it.

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Je Gold

Thanks Andy,   It's working now.... the  2's compliment checksum was required.