Mysterious problem with ISP-TO-ICP Bridge

Started by jaderd, March 19, 2009, 05:27:01 AM

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Hello I am trying to record the 89LPC901 with the way ISP-TO-PCI Bridge, using a 89LPC936 with the code version 1.6, and FlashMagic 4.61. I am not using the card MBC900 as described in AN10258. In place of the plate put a MAX232 to convert TTL to RS-232. The problem is: the vast majority of times, I can not run the recording of the chip 901. The same is on the board and is connected to the "recorder" for a POD with needles. When connecting the card to the recorder, the LED of the 901 circuit lights, indicating that the VDD supply of the recorder is activated, and in these cases, the FlashMagic indicates that the ID does not match with the chip set, and recording is not success. However, sometimes the LED of the LPC901 circuit does not lights, indicating absence of initial VDD, and in these cases, the code is written correctly, can even do calculations of CRC, and so on. I wonder if you have any idea what this may be because the problem does not appear to be in communication between PC-> 89LPC936, but between LPC936-> LPC901.
I await reply, thank you.

Andy Ayre

If you are not using an MCB900 then carefully double-check your circuit with the MCB900 schematic, which is available on the Keil website.

For ICP programming it is probably quicker and easier to get a USB-ICP interface from Future Designs.

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.
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Je Gold

Yes,  I agree,   Get a ISP-to-ICP  programming tool like the Team FDI   LPC900 programmer.

If this is your first project with  the NXP LPC900  80c51 core, then best to get some programming tools as the problem will be....  knowing weather the fault is ;

a) Hardware design b) programming circuit design  ISP-to-ICP  c) LPC901 programming the code.

I again strongly recommend a working programming tools. This forum has many posts from designers... saying....
"I cant get the programming to work  when I use my own hardware" !

FYI  - There is a tight 50uS pulse requirement to put the LPC900 in to either ICP or ISP programming mode,  as well as POR and Vdd rise time requirements.  AN10258 has issues.... see my Flashmagic article here  (check all the resources on ICP).

Here is the affordable Team FDI programmer dongle and programmer

If this is your first NXP LPC900 experience .... then I recommend the Keil  MCB900 development kit
see here  and available  here and elsewhere
(you can get the schematic here

Again I warn you of the issues you will have doing your own ICP....  The ICP protocol and standard can be downloaded from the
Yahoo LPC900  group... in the files section here