The lpc2366 flash seems to become corrupted

Started by moutinho, March 19, 2009, 10:03:54 AM

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I have an embedded device on a vehicle that runs continuously getting GPS data and sending it to a server using a GPRS connection. After some weeks working fine some of the devices started to fail just after initialization; the device application log shows the common application startup and a restart due to watchdog operation. The application seems to hang on an area that cannot cause any blocking.

This symptom seems to start appearing after the usage of the FlashMagic application.

Does anyone have experience anything similar?

The device uses the LPC2366 and Keil RTX.

André Moutinho

Andy Ayre

Have you tried using an external watchdog reset device? Sometimes there can be flash problems when brownout conditions occur, but I'm not sure if that is true for the ARM7 devices.

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Je Gold

Automotive is one of the most toughest electrical  environments , transients and under voltages and over voltages cause all sorts of problems.

It could be possible that you are exceeding the manufacturers  Specifications on the LPC2366... 

Can makers have very tough specifications for their electrical and electronic modules.. does your design using the LPC2366 meet or adopt any of these automotive specifications?