Trying ISP with FM & MCB900

Started by wllin027, December 05, 2004, 07:24:59 PM

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Hi, I tried LPC932 ISP by using FlasgMagic + MCB900 and still felt frustrated...
Could somebody help me?

Some settings and information of my operation are listed below:
1. The LPC932 device I use is Ver. G
2. I chose hardware activation to enter ISP mode and set jumpers of MCB900 as : RUN=OFF, RESET=ON, AV=OFF (my MCB900 is Vers. 4).
3."Use DTR and RTS to enter ISP mode" option  was chosen in Flashmagic.

If I install a new chip(not programmed before) in the socket of MCB900,  FlashMagic showed normal connection message and baudrate was 9600.
But after I programmed user code into the same chip, an "unable to connect to the device" message showed. Remove then add the power again to MCB900 was no effect, "reset the hardware into ISP mode" was not successful.
What settings should be changed if I want to ISP a programmed device ?
I had chosen the "protect ISP code" option in FlashMagic. The user code seemed to have nothing to do with the Pulse on RST method.Did jumpers of MCB900 still keep unchanged?

Andy Ayre

With the jumper in the Run position does your code execute?

Does lowering the baud rate to 7200 help?

If those suggestions don't help then refer to the Flash Magic appliacation note "Hardware ISP entry using DTR and RTS". It contains a description of the MCB900 circuit and the waveforms to be expected at various points. Take a look and check the waveforms are similar to the ones on your board.

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Thanks Andy!
I found the reason why the ISP equipment failed to connect.
You were right that my program didn't run because of circuit problrm about oscillator.

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