p89c51rd2 vs. p89v51rd2

Started by rapa, December 02, 2009, 05:48:25 AM

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Hi guys.
I have a problem. I need some help, so .... pls.
I have a project, which has been written for p89c51rd2,but the customer has p89v51rd2 only. I reconfigured the project for p89v51rd2, but the performance is worse, than for p89c51rd2. Help me to make performance like in p89c51rd2 ,but for p89v51rd2.

Additional info:
I am programming my p89c51rd2 to work in 6 clock mode, so as i understand, the same thing should be done for p89v51rd2,  or am i mistaking?


Jan Waclawek

As this is not a Flash Magic specific question, you might get more answers coming to the 8052.com Forum.