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Started by di0deman, November 23, 2009, 04:37:26 AM

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We're using LPC2103 and LPC2365 (UART Bootloader type) with flashMagic Version 5.42.1820.

For this system, everything is good except one problem relating to Security. Maybe using "FlashMagic Free" Version makes it, I think.

When I select "Read Device Security..." of "ISP" menu, "CRP is disabled" comes out. I don't know how to make CRP enable.
And I can see many inactive items in "ISP" Menu.

So, why I'm getting trouble with these problems? Do you think "FlashMagic Production System" can solve all problems?

Andy Ayre

The free and production system versions are the same for 95% of functionality. To enable the CRP you must store a value at location 1FCH in the device. Are you doing that? What value are you putting there? See the NXP User Manual for your device for full details.

If an item is disabled in the ISP menu then it's a feature not supported by your device.

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