P89V51RD2 Execute code

Started by Harm, December 09, 2004, 10:23:23 AM

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After i have placed the new updated bootloader (from philips) in my chip with a parralel programmer , the flash magic software can talk with the p89v51rd2 also my  user software is loaded at the locations i wanted in memory.
I have my user software started at adress 0000 but i can not execute it
I have the board unpluged from the power supply and the  jumper psen on the run pos . But the only thing happend is that flash magic works both in run and pro mode ( ea  to gnd or vcc) Please tell me what i have to do or to change to get my software and board working . :(:(


ea to gnd or vcc
could that be tyhe problem.  PLEASE DO NOT ship tbe "nots", that makes for sooo many mistakes.  !EA (NOT external access) must be high to make the chip execute (since you are using FlashMagic, you must be using internal memory).



u have mentioned in ur thread tht u had to download the upgraded bootloader from philips for FM to communicate with the controller. wat was the error mssg u were getting? when i run FM , its asking me to reset the device into isp mode. help me out if u can.


u ur tht u wat mssg u  u

What language is that, Gibberish?