Programming Security and Clock bits using IAP

Started by dptxp, March 23, 2010, 07:57:16 AM

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Well, I use address 3000H for this (>1FFFH), write 01H and the 00H to FCF (0B1H) to get into boot code, call PGM_MTP (1FF0H) with right parameters, exit by writing 01H to FCF to get back to user code.

Nothing happens when I run. The bits do not get set and the micro resets.

Since it takes 2 steps to program the security and clock bit by flashmagic (security bit does not set if clock bit programed in same programed cycle), I had tried this.
Boot loader version is 7. FM version 4.60 (reason of not using 5.61 given in previous post).

Why IAP does not work to program these bits?