Where i can get older versions of Flash Magic

Started by yuligar, June 17, 2010, 01:07:47 AM

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In last version (5.67) there no option to make "read code protection", so where I can download an older version?
Thanks in advance

Andy Ayre

Code read protection has been moved to the hex file. This is because there is more than one value supported since the option was added to Flash Magic. Keil - the main ARM compiler company - started placing the CRP value configuration in their startup code for Cortex devices, making it even easier for people to add and use it.

Therefore we are following the approach taken by Keil which is for the CRP value to be defined in the hex file. This is a trivial change for people to make, even if they are not using a Keil compiler. We even include an example line of code in a sticky topic in the LPC2xxx area of this forum.

Older versions of Flash Magic are no longer available. Seeing as Flash Magic and technical support is made available for free we don't wish to support older versions which can contain known bugs that have already been fixed.

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