Problem in error in FM console..

Started by anir_n, June 25, 2010, 11:07:34 AM

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I am making a IDE using python and flashmagic(console version). There are two problem i am facing.
1.The error message in the console version which i am storing in a txt file using QUIET fuction is not the same as the errors in GUI version.
  The GUI verion's error is very discriptive but the console one shows only Connection failed: COM port error.
2.I want to use a progress bar in my app so i want to know how can I get the burning process information to that I can step by step make the progress bar moving.
3.How to make the reser isp mode message box disappear. That is I am using a message box saying Reset into ISP mode and I want it to dissappear when the reset button is pressed by the user, but how can i get the signal for that.

It will be very helpfull if somebody can tell the solutions to my problem...Thanks in advance....

Andy Ayre

I think you are running into limitations with the console version. You might be better off using IronPython and the Flash Magic .NET assemblies, available as part of the Flash Magic Production System NET product. This would give you access to complete error messages, a callback during operations for progress information and much greater control over Flash Magic.

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