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Windows 7
« on: August 06, 2010, 06:00:32 am »
I have been using FlashMagic on my laptop with XP for a long time and had no problems.

My new Laptop with windows 7 had FlashMagic 4.22 installed on it, but it erased an area in NV memory where I would keep user config parameters.
I installed the latest version of FlashMagic but had the same problem.
I tried FlashMagic on a different PC and got the same problem.

If I try the exact same hex file, with the latest version of FlashMagic on my laptop with XP it works OK.

In the LPC2387 memory map 0 - 0x1000 and 0x2000 upwards is used for my code.
0x1000 - 0x2000 is used for user config parameters.

The area 0x1000 - 0x2000 gets blanked.

Anyone know a solution.

Thanks in advance

Andy Ayre

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Re: Windows 7
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2010, 08:54:54 am »
First make sure you are running the latest version on both PCs and double-check you still have the issue.

Next on your XP machine in Flash Magic go to File -> Save Settings and save the file.

Now on your Win7 machine start Flash Magic and open the settings file.

Without changing anything in Flash Magic test it. Do you still see the problem?

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