Problem with flashmagic (Version 5.74) in corporation with USB-ICP-LPC9XX (fdi)

Started by Harry, January 19, 2011, 02:34:21 AM

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2.trouble: That is my guess.
I think in reference to the issue below:  flashmagic programming/flash procedure lasts much more longer (sinking flash procedure velocity {That is my guess} )

Hello Andy (Andrew Ayre),

i have problem with flashmagic (Version 5.74) in corporation with USB In-Circuit Programmer for LPC9XX     from
(the _USB-ICP-LPC9XX from FDI _is up to date (firmware USB-ICP v1.07) )

i flash P89LPC936 new procurement: datecode on the chip --->
CR6412   01  TnD0947A


i flash P89LPC936 older procurement: datecode on the chip --- >
CM1836   04  TuD0836A

with the new one controllers i get error message in flashmagic:
""the device signature does not match the expected values""

older one is all ok !
comically - please help me

and "yes"  - i have turned off the signature checking in the advanced options
problem is fixed temporarily (turn off signature checking but velocity is still bad)



Andy Ayre

Sorry, I don't know what "sinking flash procedure velocity" is. Do you mean the time taken to program the device is longer on one device than the other?

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