Author Topic: Couldn't get my 89C51RD2h Flash....  (Read 3012 times)


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Couldn't get my 89C51RD2h Flash....
« on: December 02, 2003, 05:42:37 pm »
Hi All,

     I'm new in 89C51 and I'm assigned to do an upgraded project that required larger code, so i have to change the micro-controller chip from 89C51RC2H to 89C51RD2H. But I have problem getting my new 89C51RD2H chip communicate to the WINISP software.

    Both hardware are identical and the circuit could only work well with my 89C51RC2H and not the 89C51RD2H.  I have double checked on the setting in the WINISP and reducing the baud rate.....but just couldn't get it work....   Is there a different settings between the two, beside the "device" in the WINISP.  Or a different kind of hardware circuit has to be used???

My controller communicate to the PC via a MX232 chip and only 3 pin of the serial com is being used for my hardware circuit, the TX,RD and GND.  Is there anything wrong???

Pls Help!!!!


erik malund

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Re: Couldn't get my 89C51RD2h Flash....
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2003, 04:26:27 am »
1) why do you use winisp, not FlashMagic?
2)did you forget about some memory mapped I/O
3)are you sure both are 'H' chips