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Started by Bill Stephens, October 02, 2003, 10:02:02 AM

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Bill Stephens

Has anyone used Flash Magic to program the new P89LV51RD2?  If so, how did it go?  Are you aware if PSEN and/or reset must be controlled via the serial port like other Philips devices?

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Andy Ayre

After reset the device must receive a 'U' within a certain timeframe to enter ISP mode, otherwise it executes whatever is programmed into it. Flash Magic takes care of sending this 'U' fast enough. All you have to do is reset the device when Flash Magic tells you to.

To my knowledge, /PSEN is not involved in entering ISP mode.

Note also, that it is not a requirement to control /PSEN and Reset via the serial port on Philips devices. You can control them manually or use a software method to enter ISP mode.

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Hi Andrew,

I am using P89LV51RD2 and followed your instruction. But gives error message as "Unable to Communicate...." I am using 14.7456 MHz crystal and baud was set to 9600. Can you guide me for ISP to make it work on P89LV51RD2