Programming of 89LPC9xx (ISP micro). On which com port pin 3 RST generated

Started by aniljgupta, August 21, 2012, 10:06:44 PM

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On which Pin(or combinationof it)  Flash magic generate 3 reset pulese for 89LPC9xx (ISP micro).
As per  MCB900 sch , it is generated from combinatio of DTR, RTS & TXD??
Can any body send timing diagrma of DTR,RTS & TXD signal at the start of programming of 89LPC9xx (ISP series) micros

Andy Ayre

DTR controls RST, but through logic gates, not directly as per the MCB900 schematic diagram.

The timing diagram for ISP entry can be found in the user manual for the LPC900 family from NXP.

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