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Started by phonoplug, September 12, 2012, 04:49:37 AM

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Does Flash Magic support the P89CV51 family?

They are not specifically listed in the website as being supported devices or mentioned at all in the pdf manual with the version I currently have installed (admittedly Version 5.90, but nothing in the release notes for newer versions mention this family).

I realise this family is now obsolete but the client has stock of them and is not keen to have to redesign the board for the 5th time in 8 years because of Philips/NXP changing processors. Definite lesson learnt not to use Philips/NXP in the future!

Andy Ayre

Yes, they are supported and can be found at the bottom of the 80C51 list in Flash Magic.

Typically NXP releases an EOL notice well in advance of the last order date so companies can stock up. Also I believe that if the quantities are large enough NXP will keep making the device just for one company.

The 89V51 is now reaching it's EOL and was released in early 2005. That is an 8 year production period. The 89CV51 family were released in early 2007.

In general we are seeing a shift away from 8051s that has clearly been happening industry-wide for at least five years. The writing has been on the wall, so to speak. If they had paid attention to the trends (and also to which NXP devices were new) they might have avoided unnecessary redesigns.
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