problem prgramming 89lpc938 with keil mcb900

Started by joange, February 05, 2013, 11:25:08 PM

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Hello guys,once  i programmed  Lpc 938,it refuses  reprogram it again.sometimes  I should  raise  the  value of  T1 and T2 in hardware config at flash magic situated in advanced options  to reprogram it.
could  any help.thanks

Andy Ayre

For the MCB900 I believe T1 should be around 120 and T2 should be around 240. Changing these numbers is normally only required to overcome capacitances on the signals and power supply.

You need to put a scope on the power and reset pins of the device and verify the ISP entry waveform matches the requirements in the NXP user manual.

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 Hi  Andy  thanks   for   your  replay  but please   I am  still   lost .do you   have  the link  where  I  can down load   the  nxp  manual.