Question using Flashmagic with a FDI USB-Dongle

Started by Apatbol, February 21, 2013, 01:57:55 PM

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Hello !

I have a USB-Dongle, a Derivative Board for 89LPC922 and 2 questions....

Question 1: Interface Configuration

In Flashmagic, in the frame "Step 1 - Communication"
What interface shall I choose ?
   For ISP -> "None (ISP)", or "FDI USB-Dongle" ?
   For ICP -> "FDI-USB-ICP" or "FDI USB-Dongle" ?

Question 2: Oscillator Configuration

The USB-Dongle has a 12 MHz oscillator, and my board has a 7,3728 MHz
In flashmagic, for the configuration of the oscillator, what should be
the value ?

Shall I put "12", or "7,3728" or "7.3728" ?
(more generally, if there is a decimal, what figure shall be used ? "."
or "," ?)

I haven't found the related answers on the forum, so it is why I try to
reach the forums.

Thanks !


Andy Ayre

For ISP choose None (ISP).
For ICP choose the exact name of your ICP dongle.

When using an ICP dongle enter the frequency used by the microcontroller.

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