Programming P89V51RD2FA(new) devices

Started by ALE_FM, March 08, 2013, 04:46:34 AM

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Can I programm P89V51RD2FA(new) devices with Flash Magic?

I can programm P89V51RD2FA devices, but recently I have received a new batch of devices and I can not programmed them. I think the problem is the new devices are P89V51RD2FA(new), but I don't know the differences between P89V51RD2FA(new) and P89V51RD2FA.

My provider tell me that they have programmed devices of the same production batch using Superpro USB series ISP programmer, but I can't using flash magic.

Can anyone help me?

Jan Waclawek

What is the marking and time stamp on the new devices? Could you post a picture perhaps?