Source Code of LPC23XX Ethernet Bootloader

Started by tungsys, March 21, 2013, 03:30:25 AM

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Hi Andy and every body,

I have problem with Ethernet Bootloader on LPC2366.
I have followed the instruction from here
I use WireShark to capture the Frame send out from the Host when I use Flash Magic and I got the data as expected (which is ?<CR><LF>)

But the code on LPC2366 can't received the Frame send out from Flash Magic.

I have put the debug code to print out message thru UART when MAC_RXPRODUCEINDEX != MAC_RXCONSUMEINDEX

   print("UDP Frame\n");

So I wonder whether the Ethernet Bootloader code from NXP website is the latest one.
If you have done this before, could you please share with me the Ethernet Bootloader Code?


Andy Ayre

The ethernet bootloader is bundled with Flash Magic. I'm not sure the status of any that NXP distribute.

Make sure for initial tests you directly connect the LPC2366 to your PC using a crossover cable.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your help.

I am using crossover cable as your guide.
I have tried to compile the source code of Ethernet Bootloader for LPC23xx from Flash Magic bundle, but got the error as below

.\Obj\ethernet_bootloader.axf: error: L6031U: Could not open scatter description file .\Obj\ethernet_bootloader.sct: No such file or directory
Target not created

Could you please advise on this.
I have try with uVision4 and uVision3, still the same error

Andy Ayre

In uVision4 go to Project -> Options for Target MCB2300 Board -> Linker tab

Check/tick "Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog".

You may get a warning from the automatically generated scatter file but I believe it can be ignored.

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