LPC1764 (16kB SRAM) ethernet bootloader

Started by madid87, May 20, 2013, 05:30:18 AM

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Unlike the other chips from LPC1700 family, LPC1764 has only 16kB of SRAM.
Ethernet bootloader by default uses full 16kB SRAM.

I have tried to change #define RX_DESC_BASE  to a smaller value like 0x10001000 but the bootloader is not working properly,
i.e. I can get one or two Read Device Signature commands  but on the third the MCU goes into Hard Fault. (Programming is not working of course)

I have also tried to change memory buffer configuration in emac.h. (NUM_RX_FRAG etc..)

Is it possible to use the bootloader on 16kB SRAM chip?

Please help, thank you.

Andy Ayre

I haven't tried it but I would have thought it was possible. You will need to double-check the .map file to make sure the memory arrangement being used is what you expect. Also you will need to change the memory sizes in the compiler/linker settings to make sure only memory that exists is being used.

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