LPC1764 Assistance and Connections

Started by micro9000, July 18, 2013, 03:51:58 PM

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Hello, I am having an issue with flash magic. Before I was using SWD. SWD was working before, but now I get the following error:

Quote05: File load failure: EM(12). System rejected access at location 0x10000000 - verify Population of memory and peripherals

To fix this I am trying to use flash magic to program the target microcontroller. However, I am having difficulty with flash magic. It keeps giving me an "autobaud rate" error. I looked into it a bit and it could be the connections. The way I have it connected is as follows:

LPC1768 Pin # <------> FTDI RS232 3v3 Pin #
All VSS <------> 1 (GND)
All VDD <------> 3 (Power)
(RXD1) 74 <------> 4 (TXO)
(TXD1) 75 <------> 5 (RXT)

*Note I also have pin 53 (ISP pin) grounded

I have made sure to select the right part (LPC1764) and I am using a 12MHz crystal. I have also imported the hex file that was taken from the build of interest using LPC Expresso. I have tried stepping though each baud rate option, but it didn't work.

Andy Ayre

I believe the bootloader runs on UART0. There is a schematic diagram for the MCB1700 board on keil.com.

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Yes, thank you. That is correct. I have it working now. UART0 (TX0 and RX0) pins 99 and 98 are the correct pins to use. The setup I am using had the baud rate set to 56700, under Interface "None (ISP)," and ISP pin (pin 53) was pulled low with a 10K resistor.