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Using one hex file to program multiple flash chips


is it possibile to use a single hex file to program different memory areas?
If I have an LPC2478 with two different external flash memories, should I use different bootloaders to program the flash chips or is it possible to implement one single bootloader that handles the different programming algorithms (two external flash chips and the internal flash) for the different memory ranges (the different flash memories could have different sector sizes)?
Thank you in advance.

Andy Ayre:
You could adapt one of the external flash bootloaders included with Flash Magic to implement this any way you want. You will need to make the two memories look like a single larger memory to Flash Magic.


Is this going to work even if the flash chips have different block sizes? In the descriptor_t structure a programmable sector size has to be specified.
In addition the memory areas are not contiguous: could this be a problem?


Andy Ayre:
I think your best option is to split the hex file into two parts - one for each memory range. Then use two external bootloaders.


I also think that the best way is to split the hex file into two parts


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