MCB1800 Board Hints

Started by Andy Ayre, November 20, 2013, 02:06:59 AM

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Andy Ayre

This is from Frank who ran into execution problems and hoped it would benefit others:

QuoteWhen downloading the firmware to KEIL's MCB1800 evaluation board via USART0, you have to set the jumpers J4A - J4D to select boot mode and also jumpers J13 / J16 to select Rx / Tx of USART0 (default position is USART3).

The download into the flash banks by Flash Magic works fine.
When resetting the device, it runs at first sight, but it gets stuck sporadically in the Hard Fault Handler.

You have to set the jumpers J13 / J16 back to USART3 position to avoid sporadic adressing errors on A12 / A13.

Thanks Frank for sharing!
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