Author Topic: Problems with command STARTBOOTLOADER(BREAK)  (Read 4179 times)


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Problems with command STARTBOOTLOADER(BREAK)
« on: December 09, 2013, 11:00:09 am »
Hello. I am trying to make a LPC1112 application start the ISP from inside. To do this I would like to send a BREAK to its RX port. My LPC is listening for BREAK interupt. My LPC1112 receives and sends fine on any baud rate normally, and syncs on BREAK.

If I use the FM drop down menu ISP and select STARTBOOTLOADER, I am able to send BREAK just once the it quits.
If I try to send a startbootloader command, like "boot" or &03 then NOTHING is sent - there is a pause, and a window says that no echo was received.
Of course not, nothing was sent ! no characters, no break.
if i send a %42 something is sent
if i send a &03
I get
ERROR: Unknown directive: STARTBOOTLOADER(9600,
'03' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

Both Windows CMD, and powershell fail at the "&" ...  how should I type this in ?

After some playing around I found I could quotes it   "&"03BOOT and add a spurious command ERASE(1,5) etc and that would work ...

However no repeats could occur "&"03BOOT%0F"&"03BOOT  doesnt not do it twice !

So I have my application running at 250kbaud, and I note I can use any baud rate using COM(6,250000), and I could make it listen for a special string to invoke ISP, only STARTBOOTLOADER can only use a small set of standard baudrates.

I can see the speeds on my scope, I can only send "boot" at 57600, everything else continues at 250000.

What am I missing here please ?

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Re: Problems with command STARTBOOTLOADER(BREAK)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2013, 02:40:04 am »
Please clarify:

1. Which version of Flash Magic?

2. Which version of Windows?

3. Are you using and standard evaluation board? If so which one?

4. What are you using to connect the microcontroller to your PC? USB to RS232 cable? Have you tried other cables?

5. Using the GUI version of Flash Magic you can send the break and any other command OK the first time after starting the application?

6. Using the GUI version you can only use the start bootloader feature once and then Flash Magic exits? With or without an error message?

7. Which errors you mention come from the GUI version and which come from the command line version?

8. Please post a complete command line example that isn't working along with the error for that specific command line. You can post multiple examples if you like but please make sure they are complete and have an error or problem for each one.

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