LPC938 programming problem

Started by JulianCox, March 06, 2014, 02:24:10 AM

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I am using a USB-ICP dongle from FDI to program a LPC938.  I am developing new code on the target machine and all electrical loads on the chip are isolated for programming) After several successful attempts it suddenly failed. Specifically: - at address 0x0740 it hangs up, waits and then issues a "failed to communicate" error message. I then cancel, carry out an Erase operation and then try again to program the chip - which is always successful. If I then re-program the chip with the same code, it is also successful. This is not a disaster, but it is very annoying.

Andy Ayre

So it only gets stuck the first time after changing the hex file in any way? Very bizarre.

The FDI interface appears as a black box to Flash Magic. In there they are parsing the hex records and converting them into ICP pulses. Perhaps it is some kind of issue with that parsing process?

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NO!  Since this problem started it gets stuck every time - unless I first erase the chip.