Author Topic: LPC1830 with SPIFI  (Read 4320 times)


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LPC1830 with SPIFI
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:22:49 PM »
Hello Andy Ayre,

I'm trying to write a SPIFI memory of a board with LPC1830 using Flash Magic version 7.71 with  External Memory option.

This board has a program in SPIFI and OTP is set to boot from SPIFI. It's work well.

It seems that the FM does not reset to load the External Memory driver.

I read the topic "Support device with off chip ROM? (LPC1830 with SPIFI)" and saw that this problem would be solved in Flash Magic version 7.21.

I just tried to load and run a teste program in RAM. The load works but then some times it runs the program that is already in SPIFI (must be a reset following the load, with high ISP).

If I do GO <RAM entry point, opt> does not run a program load  (SPIFI program does not use the same RAM area).

I tried to use the FM.exec / DOS. Loading is OK but don't run neither two program.

These tests were done with a very simple program of 550 bytes and has been tested on the same board using the JTAG Debug.

Please can you help me?

Sorry for my bad english .

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Re: LPC1830 with SPIFI
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2014, 01:40:55 PM »
As mentioned by email, in order for Flash Magic to communicate with the device you have to boot it from USART0. Doing that starts the on-chip bootloader.

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