Failed to communicate

Started by Nor_Ain, May 01, 2014, 08:59:37 AM

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Hi All,

Currently I have problem when try to communicate with the chip P89C51RD2HBA. I downloaded the hex files using the flash magic, then when try to simulate with the PCOMM emulator,  after the header come out, whenever I pressed any key , nothing displayed. This files was tested working fine before, but now having this problem. But when I tried using other hex files it's ok and can works well.

Has anyone facing the same problem and what is the possible possibility?

Any help highly appreciated


     try to check is data transmitted by u coming to t RXD pin using scope......If it is not then try to check dta form RS232 cable pins then RS232 pin up to micro controller pin then you will come to know where is error...........and you try to solve it