Using P89C51RD2BN to replace P89V51RD2BN

Started by mhamid75, September 12, 2014, 12:39:02 AM

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 If anyone can help me by responding whether can we use P89C51RD2BN in place of P89V51RD2BN and what are the differences between two. I have a trainer that require P89V51RD2BN but in market P89C51RD2BN is available. Thanks and regards


By the way my trainer uses serial com port to communicate. It is MTS51 trainer.

Andy Ayre

They have numerous differences, most significantly the methods of putting them into programming (ISP) mode are not compatible. The P89C51RD2 is much older than the P89V51RD2 and both are now discontinued.

The only sure way to compare them is to look at the data sheets for each device in detail.

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