Burning LPC11A12FBD48

Started by ckskarulai, October 17, 2014, 06:00:08 AM

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   I am new in 32 bit micro controllers. Now I am using LPC11A12FBD48 in my project. This controller is present in flash magic list. So I decided to use Flash magic. I don't have a development board with me. So I planed to design a new PCB. Now I am so confused with the TXD and RXD pin for burning purpose. In its user manual ti is saying like there are 4 TXD and 4 TXD pin. For burning my program which pin should i use? I have searched a lot in NXP site. Please help me.

Andy Ayre

Please don't post multiple times with the same issue.

See: http://www.keil.com/mcb1000 - click on "Schematics". If you are using a different package type then you need to consult the NXP user manual for the device (nxp.com/microcontrollers). ISP uses UART0. The user manual will show you the default pin assignments after reset.
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