execusion failure on LPC1857

Started by Kmhr, April 08, 2015, 07:23:55 PM

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 I wrote-down a self-built program to a MCB1800 evaluation board via Flashmagic. Although the download apparently completed successfully, the program hanged up after some of the initialization codes were executed. (While a startup sign was shown as programed on the LCD display, the continuous blink of LED never began.)
The software should be correct, since it works properly when downloaded via a rented ULINK2. Does someone have an idea about what I should do to download it via Flashmagic?

The following is the condition of my trial.
=== Hardware ===
- Keil MCB1800 eval board ( CPU: LPC1857 )

=== System setting and download procedure of Flashmagic===
Version : 8.97.3865
Step1. Communications:
- Select : LPC1857
- Flash Bank : Bank A 0x1A000000
- COM Port : COM1
- Baud Rate : 115200
- Interface : None ( ISP)
- Oscillator (MHz) : 12
Step2. Erase:
- [checked] Erase all Flash
Step3. Hex File
- C:\...\myprogram.hex
Step4. Options
- [checked] Verify after programming
- [checked] Activate Flash Bank

===Jumper configuration on MCB1800 ===
- J4A-D : Low
- J13,J16 : UART0 (on download) to UART3 (on execution)
*Following the advice in "Topic: MCB1800 Board Hints"

Andy Ayre

Did you perform a verify in Flash Magic?

Also could be a hardware issue that for some reason is not relevant/present when a ULINK2 is connected.

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Thank you for your suggestion, Andy

In conclusion, the obstacle was the configuration failure by uVision 4. Flash Bank B must be removed from Both the "Read/Only Memory Area" in Target and the "Flash download Setup" in Utility-settings, even if the program size was less than that of the single bank.

Now everything is working properly.

Andy Ayre

Thanks for posting the outcome. Strange that it worked with ULINK. These types of issues can make it quite confusing to understand what is happening.
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support at esacademy dot com