.Net assemblies in x64-Project

Started by WU, August 10, 2015, 06:07:14 AM

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Hi all,

we are currently using the Production System .DLLs in an x86 .Net 4.5 project. It's working fine so far, but as it turn out, we'll probably have to migrate this project to x64 soon. I wasn't able to find any x64-specific DLLs in my Installation of the Production System - is it possible to use it from a 64-bit process?

Thanks in advance!

Andy Ayre

Currently 64-bit assemblies are not supported. They might be in the future but I don't have an ETA. Sorry. What is "soon" exactly?
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Ok, then I'll have to find some way to work with the existing x86 assemblies - I don't know the exact measning of "soon" in our case, but it will probably be something like "in the next two or three weeks".