if WDT enabled on Lpc2138..isp autobaud don´t work

Started by ANDRES, December 14, 2015, 01:07:21 PM

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It's the second time after having enabled the WDT, type devices LPC2138 / LPC2148 the possibility of recording in flash via ISP is unable .. there some trick to reverse this bug.

mesage as failure autobaud is presented and nothing more.

Clarifying that before this circumstance ..the recording perfectly performed. it is intriguing that after activating the WDT in the code has no more possibility of recording via isp

Andy Ayre

If you use a terminal program such as puTTY to autobaud at what point does it fail?

Were you able to *program, reset and execute on the part more than once* before enabling the WDT and seeing it fail? This is an important point because it distinguishes between the WDT being the possible cause or simply a failure to meet the hardware conditions for ISP entry as described in the user manual from NXP.

Note that if enabling the WDT does indeed stop the bootloader from working there is nothing we can do about it at ESAcademy - you would need to contact NXP.

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