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ISP problem in P89V51RD2


Jignesh Doshi:

I am using AT89C55WD Microcontroller in regular use but for easy programming purpose i have tried two different ISP based Microcontroller those are AT89C51RC2 and P89V51RD2.

But i am not getting success to program any one of both ICs in ISP mode.

When i tried to do with AT89C51RC2 with Flip Software of atmel at that time i got message "Timeout Error".

And when i tried to do with P89V51RD2 with Flash Magic Software at that time i received message " Reset the device into ISP mode now" but after that i received message "unable to communicate. Failed to autobaud.".

I have connect USB to serial converter between PC and My hardware.

Select proper Com port from manage device and select baud rate @9600.

So in these both case what i have to do to remove errors?

My hardware is working properly with AT89C55WD and serial communication is also working fine.

Andy Ayre:
There are lots of things to check listed here:

Please go through the list, try the suggestions and report back your results.


Jignesh Doshi:
I have tried my best to resolve problem using Link, but i failed.

So i want to know if is there any special connection that i have to connect?

I have attach my circuit diagram here.

Andy Ayre:
You need to post back your testing results in order for us to be able to help you.

Jignesh Doshi:
Which type of testing results?


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