Can't program p89v51RD2FA...AC

Started by roniger, October 15, 2016, 11:37:41 AM

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I've been using the p89v51RD2FN...A0 for some time now, and always managed to program it using flash-magic.
Recently I got several chips ending with AC, which I can't program.
When replacing the chip in the socket to an A0 ending chip, I can program it and work with it fine.
The full chip numbering I have is:
Non working chip:
-zG1420 AC
Working chip:
-zG0731 A0

Do you guys have a clue?
Is it a malfunction of the chip-series? Or something I am doing wrong?


Andy Ayre

These parts have been out of production for several years now. Were these brand new from an authorized NXP distributor? If no then they could have already been programmed and locked, suffered static damage, stuck in SoftICE mode, etc.
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hi guy,
I have same problem with you. I have been using the P89V51RB2FA with PHILIPS logo on chip and i can program it very good. But now i buy some new P89V51RD2FA with NXP logo on chip ending with A0 and i can't program it. When i click Start a popup appear with message "Reset the device in to ISP mode now" and i press reset button on circuit boad then nothing happens, the popups still there and status information bar view "Attempting to connect..." untill i press Cancel. I used same circuit board and configuration Flash Magic software which i use with the 89V51RB2FA. Anyone can help me with this problem? Sorry about my basic English.

Andy Ayre

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