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Started by tim77, November 16, 2016, 12:22:32 PM

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I am trying to flash an LPC1758, but I am getting the following message "Error verifying. There is a difference in the Hex file value and the stored value. (address 0x00000000).
When I compare my Hex file with "Display Memory" is see that indeed the first line is different, but all the other lines seems to be correct. What can the problem be?

Andy Ayre

Erase the entire device then view the contents of flash again. Are the first four locations 0xFFFFFFFF? If not then the part has a problem erasing.

If it is erasing then open the hex file in notepad and confirm that location zero is only used once. I.e. that you don't have two records in there writing different values to the same location. A description of the Intel Hex File Format can be found on wikipedia.

Make sure the voltage you are applying to the part meets the minimum requirements.
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