Cannot program SST89E516RD2

Started by gauravkothari23, July 08, 2017, 05:29:59 AM

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hi all...
i am working on a project where i have to use SMD 44 pin TQFP SST89E516RD2 microcontroller. i am using TTL converter to program this controller using RX and TX pins. but i am not able to program the controller. i am using flash magic to program. when i press start button from the software it says RESET TO ENTER ISP MODE. but when i reset the controller, nothing happens. i have checked all the connection and also the connectivity. connected RX pin to controller TX pin and TX to controller RX pin. also only TX led glows in TTL converter.
i tried changing around 4 boards but non of them are working. but the same if i try programming the DIP package, it programmes without any error.

Andy Ayre

For ST parts you will need to use an ST programming utility. Flash Magic is for NXP only.
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