LPC2294 .NET Cant Connect

Started by LittleBit, July 12, 2018, 12:27:15 AM

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Hello everyone

Currently i try to automate the Programming of a LPC2294 with the .NET Library from Flash Magic. When i use the FM Program with the GUI everything works fine, the device responds and can be programmed but with the .NET Library i cant connect to the Device. Even modifying the parameters described in this Post http://forum.flashmagictool.com/index.php?topic=3273.0 didnt help.

Am i missing a difference in the Configuration or something important to consider?

Here is the C# Code to Connect (not working)
                //Set up Connection Parameters
                COMOptions comOptions = new COMOptions();
                comOptions.selecteddevice = Devices.LPC2294;                                                //Processor Type
                comOptions.port = "COM32";                                                                  //COM Port
                comOptions.baudrate = 115200;                                                               //Baudrate
                comOptions.highspeed = 0;                                                                   //Use MaxBaudrate
                comOptions.maxbaudrate = 115200;                                                            //Max Baudrate
                comOptions.interfacetype = Interfaces.NONE;                                                 //None required
                comOptions.osc = 14.7456;                                                                   //Processor Oscillator
                comOptions.bootloaderpath = @"H:\idden\due\to\company\rules.hex";                           //Hard coded, get from Settings later
                comOptions.halfduplex = 0;                                                                  //We do not use half duplex
                comOptions.hwt1 = 50;                                                                       //DTR RTS Assert time
                comOptions.hwt2 = 100;                                                                      //DTR RTS Deassert time
                comOptions.protocoloptions = ProtocolOptions.AUTOLF;                                        //Let Flash Magic Handle LF
                comOptions.hwconfig = HardwareConfigurations.BOOTEXEC;                                      //HW Boot and DTR/RTS handle RST/ISP
                comOptions.clocks = 0;                                                                      //Ignored when highspeed = 0  (manual recommends setting to 0 when using ARM)
                comOptions.postopendelay = 0;                                                               //0 because we have no problem with missing data
                comOptions.interfaceserialnumber = String.Empty;                                            //Not used, set to empty
                comOptions.flashbank = 0;                                                                   //Not used, default is 0
                comOptions.usinginterface = 0;                                                              //0 no HW Interface used

                FlashMagicARMCortex cortex = new FlashMagicARMCortex();
                cortex.Connect(comOptions);                                                                 //Throws Exception
            catch (FMException ex)

which throws the Exception
Exception thrown: 'ESA.FlashMagic.Common.FMException' in FlashMagicARMCortexNET.dll
Invalid value or command sent. Please try the operation again. (device not found)

The Flash Magic Settings used with the GUI Program are attached (they are working fine)

Andy Ayre

LPC2294 is an ARM7 not an ARM Cortex device. You are using the wrong .NET assembly.
Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.
support at esacademy dot com


Thank you, with the right assembly its working fine.