NHS3100 flashing- Failed to Autobaud

Started by vrushali, September 17, 2018, 02:18:00 AM

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I am using LPC link2 debug board for flashing NHS3100 using Flash magic.
It was working fine till now, but suddenly my LPC device is not getting detected when flash magic is open.
Before opening Flash magic, LED1 on lpc link2 board is ON continuously and lpc device is detected in device manager.
But after opening Flash magic system can not detect LPC device and LED1 is blinking continuously.

Anyone can help in finding what is basically the problem with my LPC-link 2 and how I can fix it.


I am flashing NHS3100 (in Therapy adherence ADK) using Flash magic. But it is giving pop-up error as "Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud". LED on LPC link2 is blinking.
I have attached flash magic debug file in attachment.

Andy Ayre

What are your LPC-Link2 jumper settings?
Which connector are you using on the LPC-Link2 to connect to the target board?
What are you settings in Flash Magic?
What version of Flash Magic?

We can't help you unless you provide basic information.
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Hi Andy,

My Jumper settings on LPC link2: JP1 is open, JP2 is mounted.
i am using J7 connector on LPC link2 board to connect to target board.
Settings in flash magic:see flash magic setting.png in attachments.
flashmagic version 10.90


Andy Ayre

Just to confirm, the procedure is:

1. Connect NHS3100 board to J7 on LPC-Link2
2. JP2 on, JP1 off
3. No battery inserted into NHS3100 board
4. Connect LPC-Link2 to your PC -> LED on LPC-Link2 on solid
5. Start Flash Magic -> LED on LPC-Link2 flashes
6. Choose SWD over Link2 in Flash Magic main window
7. ISP -> Read Signature

Your screenshot shows that Flash Magic has been able to communicate with the LPC-Link2.

Your debug file shows that the LPC-Link2 can't communicate with the NHS3100.

Could be due to the cable being too long, not properly seated at both ends. Do you have the battery in? If so remove it. Could be due to static damage. Could be due to configuring the part to disable SWD.

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Hi Andy,
I am following same procedure as mentioned by you.(LED status is also same)
About screenshot- I have one more board which is working. I took the screenshot of that.

Battery is not inserted while flashing.

Can you tell me about these 2 points in detail?
1) Could be due to static damage : Do you mean NHS3100 IC is damaged?
2) Could be due to configuring the part to disable SWD. : How can i check this?

Thanks for the help.


Hi Andy,
I am facing problem in flashing another board. i have attached flash magic tool snapshot. Its giving message as "Operation Failed.Failed to connect. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the board.Make sure the board appear in the device manager. also debug file is attached.
What is wrong?

Andy Ayre

It's the same kind of thing. The LPC-Link2 asserts the NHS3100 reset pin, then deasserts it, then tries to communicate with it, which fails. I would double-check your cabling. It has to be very short if it isn't already. For example 10cm or less.
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