it's about to send program to LPC2148

Started by LPC2148, April 21, 2020, 05:32:25 AM

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Hi all,

I will start to use lpc-h2148 arm board.I have it. I wrote program.
I have a few question which I don't know.
I don't have jtag module
I have paralel and serial port on my pc

question 1) I want to upload program to arm board, Could I upload program via USB port on the arm board? ( I did not try it)

question 2) Could I upload program with USB to TTL  only by using TX,RX,GND?
There are 5 pin on the USB to TTL (+5V,TXD,RXD,GND,+3V)

baund rate 9600
I tried like this flashmagic program, but failed (program gave this error code  operation failed. Failed to autobaund)

USB to TTL >>>> LPC2148
TX         >>>> P0.1 RX
RX         >>>> P0.0 TX
GND        >>>> GND

I need your answer and ideas
with best regards,

Andy Ayre

Use a USB to RS232 cable, such as one from FTDI. Some of those cables are cheap and don't work properly. Put a MAX232 or similar between the cable and microcontroller. I suggest you look at the schematics of some off-the-shelf LPC2000 eval boards.


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