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Started by minex, April 27, 2021, 01:59:21 AM

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Hello, nice program, but after GUI update I have some reqest.
Saving configuration file is good, but it cannot be accessed by windows search function.
I suggest, that last used settings, like processor, com port, baud rate and hex file path would be saved to registers, and loaded when program starts. This feature very comfortable, when starting program by clicking windows button and typing "flash" and enter. this is quick program launch, but need to configure settings every time. Like I said, this method do not found saved configuration files, so I need to search them on desktop so minimizing all programs, need to create more files for every cpu. But if I work with one device for some continuous time, then would be good to have remembered settings when launching main program.

Also com port list could have some delay when device disconnected. Some usb-comport adapter restarts after connecting device with power supply, so program lost com port settings. Could be fine, that com port would be removed from list after 3sek when device really removed.

One more, when exiting program, every time program ask for save parameters. Could be checkbox for disable that message. Sometimes that message annoys.

Andy Ayre

Thanks for the suggestions - we will look into them. Andy
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