SPIFI with LPC1857

Started by Suresh, September 20, 2021, 10:13:17 PM

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Dear Concern,

We are trying to interface WinBond W25R128JV with LPC1857. We have successfully achieved programming the same using JTAG and OpenOCD but we are facing problems in programming the same with flash magic UART and bootloader. As we looked onto this forum we have made all the necessary changes to the best of our knowledge but in vain.

  • We have taken the LPC1857 Keil example and modified the sector size from 256KB to 4 KB that is relevant to present SPIFI. We have cross checked the addressing values with the IRAM and IROM on the Keil "options for target" We have generated hex file and placed in the folder and it appears as valid. Now we used hardware pins P2.9, 2.8, 1.2, 1.1 as low. We have made ISP pin P2.7 as low and reset the board.
  • It goes into ISP mode and we have tried to use program an application and the bootloader we have created but Flash Magic stops abruptly and closes itself or it gives error message "Bootloader in RAM is not executing(2)"
We have few doubts on the above setup actually.

  • We are using Just U0 RX, Tx and gnd to interface. After thorough research by seeing keil mcb schematics we found that RTS and DTR signals are being used but not in any other Schematics of Keil MCB boards. Do we really require?? If yes, what is the role?
  • Can you briefly explain the steps to be followed on hardware and software to successfully acheive

Awaiting for your reply
R Suresh