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Hi, there,

   I am not sure if this forum is alive or not, but I have no other way to solve my issue which stucks me more than 2 months cause I am totally a hardware designer, know little about coding, but no one can help me for this.

here my issue is we implement 2 second source external SPI flash IC for LPC1833, so the original bootloader for one time FW updating into flash is nolonger workable for new SPI flash ICs, the situation now is the original bootloader source code has lost, and no one know the next step in my company

now I need help from flash magic,

1. does flash magic have example code for LPC1833 external SPI Flash bootloader?

2. could flash magic support to teach us how to modify the bootloader code for new SPI flash?

3. if flash magic don't support to teach how to modify the bootloader code, is there any reference documents for LPC1833 external SPI flash bootloader?

4. could flash maigc support to teach the steps to set the MCUXpresso IDE v11.3.1_5262 and Keil uVision5 for LPC1833 external SPI flash bootloader code compile?

Andy Ayre:
We include an example for the LPC18S37 that uses SPIFI. See the Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37 folder in the installation. It may work out of the box for you or it may need modifying.

We can customize and test this for your hardware as part of a consulting project - please contact us for a quote info at esacademy dot com.


I have tried the same example (\Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37) in my LPC1833 board with flash ROM MX25L3233FM2I by changing the descriptor file, but it does not work.

I am new to the LPC18xx controller. In an earlier post, I read that the bootloader code needs to be store in the RAM location not in flash.

How can I find the exact RAM location to store the bootloader code?

I have tried the below code of descriptor, that does not work.

DESCRIPTOR_HEADER,                           // must be DESCRIPTOR_HEADER
  DESCRIPTOR_VERSION,                          // must be DESCRIPTOR_VERSION
  BOOTLOADER_FUNC_BASIC,                       // bootloader functionality (ORing of BOOTLOADER_FUNC_xxx)
  VERSION,                                     // version number of bootloader
  0x80000000,                                  // programmable memory start address
  0x801FFFFF,                                  // programmable memory end address
  0x10000500,                                  // ram start address (for bootloader storage)
  0x10001FFF,                                  // ram end address (for bootloader storage)
  0x1000,                                     // programmable sector size in bytes
  0xFF,                                        // programmable memory erased value
  256,                                         // number of bytes to program at once
  115200,                                      // communication baudrate
  DESCRIPTOR_BOOTSTRAP_CORTEXUART,             // use ISP to download this bootloader
  115200,                                       // baudrate to use for downloading bootloader
  0,                                           // ram address for commmand mailbox (0 = not used)
  0,                                           // ram address for response mailbox (0 = not used)

Could anyone please provide some details to design the bootloader code?

Andy Ayre:
The RAM location is the sixth entry in the descriptor. This is where the interrupt vectors need to start. Andy

I have mapped RAM Location with the LPC datasheet and the address is correct only. Really appreciate it, if you can simplify your answer.


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