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Started by bassa, July 30, 2021, 12:14:23 AM

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I'm trying to add Flashmagic functionality to my existing python application.

In the FMPSCManual i found a reference to a Python interface. on page 13:

"The Python interface has been written to simply "wrap" the C based functions described in
this manual. The functions are contained in the FlashMagic object, along with all the

Does anyone know where to find this file?

Andy Ayre

Depending on which family you are using, it would be something like FlashMagicARMCortex.dll. Andy
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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your help, but that is not the file that is missing.
What i am looking for is the Python interface to acces the functions from the DLL's

The interface is described in the manual.
Even the library import is stated in the example code:

import FlashMagic;
results = FlashMagic.fm_connect()

The referred file ( is simply missing in the installer package.
There are no python files at all in the FMPS package....

Andy Ayre

For python support you will need to download V11 by going to and entering your activation code. Then choose Tools -> Scripts... to access the Python API.

However if you want to add Flash Magic to your own python application then you will need to access the DLL directly using the Python ctypes library.

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support at esacademy dot com