LPC55S69 Not Programming through USB

Started by MV-Ware, January 19, 2023, 01:45:09 PM

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Hi, I developed a board with the NXP LPC55S69. I have already developed a program with the Xpresso IDE.
My applications runs fine withe the Segger Jlink Debuger on the SWD port.

I added the USB connection on USB1 of the device in the design.
I installed latest Flashmagic:  13.50 build 6367,  it has USB driver 3.02   on windows 10

I enable the ISP with a jumper. Connect the USB ; from PC to my board. (Which also powers my PCB,)
I followed the setup of flashmagic:  select USB LPC55S69. A hex file.
Device LPC55S69 (USB, LPC5500)
Interface tiegf6JWnvo5 (USB Bootloader)
   reading Signatures works.
   reading sectors data works
   erasing sectors works.
But programming works not: (pressing START)
  LPC55S69(USB, LPC5500)  Operation Failed. (programming - failed to send data to the device)

In the Preferences:
  hardware tab shows the UART selection bullets  (as if the programmer will use UART? )
  other tabs are default.

What is going wrong here?  or do I do somthing wrong?
I enables debug mode,  but can not find the debug file.