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Customized bootloader for flash ROM Winbond: W25Q16JLSNIG-T with LPC1833

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sonam chouhan:
Hi, there,

  Our requirement is to design a customized bootloader for external flash programming. We have tried the example code of Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37.
But, that does not work. Could you guide us on this requirement? Please see our below concerns.

1. do any flash magic versions have an example code for the LPC1833 external SPI Flash bootloader?

2. What are changes needed in Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37 that can help us?

3. We have changed the descriptor content in FlashPrg.c file as per the LPC1833 memory map, but that also does not work. We got the error as "Bootloader is not executing in RAM".

4. Please find the attachment and help us to provide some details about the requirement.

Andy Ayre:
You will need to run your custom bootloader in a debugger, e.g. Keil uVision, to see where it is getting stuck. The error means that Flash Magic is not getting a response.

The example booloader for the LPC4337 uses external SPIFI and that part is the same as the LPC1887 for this purpose, so should be a close enough starting point.

We can also develop this for you as a consulting project - please email us if you want to go down that route.


sonam chouhan:
Thanks for your kind support.

We are using Keil uvision for compiling and creating the hex file (customized bootloader). We have attached the screenshot for the FlashPrg.c. Could you please let us know, for lpc1833 support in which files, we need to do the modifications in example bootloader for the LPC4337?

Andy Ayre:
You will need to change all of the parts related to SPIFI to match your external flash device. Andy

sonam chouhan:
I am using UART0 for downloading the bootloader. I checked this after modifying the example code (Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37), but still, I am getting the same error (Operation failed, bootloader in RAM is not executing(2)). After this error, I observed that the existing image has been erased but the new image is not updated.

It would be very helpful if you can provide any documentation of the steps to be followed to develop the customized bootloader code.


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