Customized bootloader for flash ROM Winbond: W25Q16JLSNIG-T with LPC1833

Started by sonam chouhan, August 02, 2021, 11:35:54 PM

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sonam chouhan

I have gone through both MX25L1633E and MX25R6435F but did not find any software-related difference. My customized bootloader code runs in MX25L1633E successfully but failed in MX25R6435F.

By debugging the code, I found that the operation failed from the initial stage Memory_init(). In our MCUxpresso code, we observed the same failure. Can it be the spifi_drv_M3.lib issue?

FYI, we are able to flash the image via JTAG in MX25R6435F.

sonam chouhan

Could you let us know the below information about spifi_drv_M3.lib?

1. In the flash magic example code, this lib is directly used for the support of spi flash, so, is the library created from .a (NXP) or it is created in KEIL by using source code?

2. Do you have any source code to create .lib?

3. We got the source code for this from NXP, but by building the project in KEIL, .lib size is different and that does not work?

Currently, we need to add the support of an flash of MXIC which is not supported by the old spifi lib, so we are working to add the support of the flash in spilib source ccode and by doing so, we need to create the customized bootloader for the flash MX25V16xx.


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